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.50 Beowulf Basics

The .50 Beowulf was designed in 2001 by Bill Alexander for use in a modified Colt AR-15. Alexander designed the .50 Beowulf to improve on the 5.56x45mm NATO's stopping power at short and medium ranges. The specialized cartridge's design is owned by Alexander Firearms.

.50 Beowulf Specifications & Ballistics

The .50 Beowulf has a straight case with a rebated rim, modified from its parent case, the .50 Action Express. The bullet is .5 inches (12.7 millimeters) in diameter, extending to .525 inches (13.3 mm) at the neck and .535 inches (13.6 mm) at the base. The rim's diameter is .445 inches (11.3 mm). The case is 1.65 inches (42 mm) long, contributing to the cartridges 2.125 total inches (54 mm). It uses a large pistol magnum primer. The .50 Beowulf's ballistics vary based on bullet weight, which can range from 300 to 400 grains. At 300 gr, the velocity is 1,870 feet per second with 2,330 foot-pounds of torque. At 325 gr, velocity is 1,800 ft/s and 2,338 ft-lbf. For 334 gr, its 1,771 ft/s and 2,333 ft-lbf. The 335 gr. bullet travels 1,900 ft/s with 2,678 ft-lbf of energy. Finally, the 400 gr, go 1,800 ft/s, generating 2,878 ft-lbf of energy.

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