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The Christensen Arms Summit TI is an extraordinary, rugged, bolt-action rifle that covers a dizzying array of chamberings, most of which with a .5 MOA guarantee. In other words, using premium ammunition, almost any Summit TI can shoot a group of three rounds within .5” at up to 100 yards.

Christensen Arms is based in Gunnison, Utah. It’s well-known for making rather impressive, rugged, bolt-action rifles. The Summit TI centers on its light target contour 416R stainless steel barrel that’s meticulously hand lapped in carbon fiber. Thus it is very strong yet remarkably lightweight. In fact, it’s three times stiffer than a similar weight steel barrel and won’t expand with heat. So it is heat resistant, dissipates heat much more rapidly than a steel barrel and is also corrosion resistant. Beyond that, it’s also free-floating and anchored to the stock via carbon fiber pillars.

The gun has an astonishing 18 (!) possible chamberings that come in either 24” or 26” length barrels. The 24” length barrels with a 1:8” twist are 6.5 Creedmore and 6.5 PRC. For 24” with a 1:10” twist: 25-06 Remington, 270 Winchester, 270 WSM, 30-06 Springfield, 308 Winchester and 300 WSM. Also in 24” but with a 1:12” twist is the 375 H&H.

Moving up to the 26” barrels, we have the following with a 1:8” twist: 6.5-284 Norma, 300 PRC and 26 Nosler. With the 1:9” twist, the gun has 280 Ackley, 28 Nosler and 7mm Remington Magnum options. Finally, in 1:10” twist, there are three options: 30 Nosler, 300 Winchester Magnum and 300 RUM.

Whew, that’s pretty amazing! Note that the 26 Nosler, 270 WSM and 300 WSM “merely” have ¾ MOA guarantees and the 375 M&H has sub-MOA guarantee. The remaining 14 choices carry a .5 MOA guarantee.

The receiver is made in house. It’s made of titanium and features an integrated split Picatinny rail, which is like having two little Picatinny rails on either side of the ejector port. It also has a trued receiver face.

The gun is fronted by a titanium radial ported muzzle brake that mounts on 5/8”x24 TPI thread. The Summit TI also has a thread protector for when the brake is not in use.

This gun has lovely design details such as the skeletonized (drilled) bolt arm. Moreover, the bolt knob and the nitride finished bolt are both spiral fluted. The bolt is a twin-lug design and there is a safety lever immediately to the right of the bolt shroud. And, by the way, the bolt carrier group has dual ejectors, by the wa.

The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber stock has two versions: sporter and thumbhole. The thumbhole stock is, naturally, far bigger. It also has an enhanced comb.

It’s a testament to all the hard work at Christensen Arms that the Summit TI weight starts at just 5.5 pounds and ranges up to about 6.5 pounds.

There are four possible color schemes. First is the very fetching and high-tech natural carbon fiber. The other three use what Christensen Arms calls “webbing”. Think of it as paint drips, but it looks really great and makes for very effective camouflage. The three webbing schemes are black with gray webbing, green with black webbing and green with black and tan webbing.

Christensen Arms Summit TI bolt-action rifles are made in Gunnison, Utah and thus Made in USA.

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