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The Citadel M1911 is sourced from Armscor in the Philippines. Armscor makes more 1911s than anyone else in the entire world! It knows what it is doing and provides a very high value to cost product. Except where noted below, these 1911s have matte black slides and frames and wood panel grips. They also have single-stack magazines with counting holes.

This is a classic gun, and Armscor has remained overwhelmingly true to the original with only a few nicely pointed nods to modernity. Thus you’ll feel at home with everything. Things you’ll recognize include the high quality construction, the classic double-diamond checkered wood panels fastened by flat head screws in the double-diamonds and the classic racetrack oval trigger guard. The thumb safety is ambidextrous, but everything else is where you’d expect on the left, meaning the magazine release and the slide stop.

The back has nicely chiseled diagonal grip serrations. The hammer is a loop and the beavertail is beautifully upturned, while underneath it is the grip safety. The ejection port is lowered and beveled.

So what about nods to modernity? There are only really two: one is the sights. The Citadel M1911 uses blackout sights in front and back. The front is dovetailed while the rear one is a Novak LoMount wide notch. Second, the trigger is triple ported to make it lighter and crisper.

The Citadel M1911 has three sizes: Baby, Commander and Government.

The conceal carry Baby is smallest and it has only one configuration: .380 AUTO 7+1 capacity. It has the shortest grip, shortest barrel (3.75”) and shortest slide. Overall length (7.5”) and height are also the least. The Baby features a rounded corner aluminum frame and the slide has grip serrations in front and back. It weighs 23.5 ounces and comes with a 7-round single-stack magazine.

Its color schemes are an exception to the aforementioned all-black scheme. Scheme choices are champagne (rose) or crushed orchard (pale purple). These Cerakote colors cover the entire frame including the trigger guard. The slide is a flat silver gray, the trigger is double circular ported and the grips and all trim pieces are black.

Stepping up, the mid-size Citadel M1911 Commander is available in .45 ACP. It is 8” long and uses a 4.25” bushingless barrel and comes with two 8-round single-stack magazines. Thus it’s an 8+1 capacity gun and weighs 37.92 ounces.

The full-size Citadel M1911 Government .45 ACP has the same grip but a longer barrel (5.0”), slide and overall length (8.87”). Capacity is the same 8+1, but weight grows to 36.8 ounces. The Government’s extra length permits diagonal grip serrations on the front of the slide too!

The full-size Citadel M1911 Flag Series is three color schemes almost literally draped across the Government pistol. The Flag Series uses a rustic-effect American flag across the slide and frame. The stars are over the slide’s front half while the stripes cover the back of the slide, the frame, grip, etc.

The three Flag Series color schemes are Red, White and Blue, Grayscale and Bazooka Green. Frankly, all three look great and are attractive enough to use as showpieces that remain permanently affixed to a collector’s wall. Moreover, all can be had with a matching ammunition can.

The Made in Philippines Citadel M1911 has plenty of nice configurations that will make for an exciting purchase for many people.

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