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The stubby concealed carry G26 is the G17 and G19’s smaller sibling, so it’s a 9x19 polymer frame striker-fired semi-automatic that envelops a 3.43” long barrel. This gun has Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5 variants.

The first G26 was a Gen 3, so called because it matched the general third generation architecture of other Glocks such as the G17. In Gen 4 guise, the barrel is in a package that’s 6.50” long overall, 1.26” wide across the grips, and 4.17” tall including the standard 10-round double-stack magazine that protrudes slightly it from the bottom. Gen 5 has been tweaked to be 6.42” long and 1.30” wide across the grips, but keeps the same height. Other Gen 5 changes are discussed further below.

The G26 is not just a G17 and G19 sibling in name, but it can accommodate their magazines. Thus, in all, it can play with a suite of magazines with capacities of 12, 17, 19, 15, 24, 31 and 33-rounds. A fully empty G26 weighs 19.4 ounces. Add a fully loaded 10-round magazine and weight climbs to 25.75 ounces. Gen 5 weights 19.72 and 26.07 respectively.

Other important traits. Perhaps few will be surprised that the gun is all matte-black. The Gen 4 slide has a septet of vertical serrations in back. It is only 1.0” wide and 6.26” long. Gen 5 keeps the same slide dimensions, but also adds vertical front slide serrations.

For both Gen 4 and Gen 5 G26 pistols, sight radius with Glock Night Sights is 5.31”, with steel sights, the radius is 5.35” and with polymer ones, it’s 5.39”. The trigger distance from back of the grip below the docked beavertail to the trigger face is 2.83” for Gen 4 and 2.76” for Gen 5. This is similar to plenty of other Glocks. Therefore, users of one should feel quite at home with the others.

The G26 has a reversible magazine catch. Moreover, the black polymer frame has been designed for an optimal grip angle and uses hardened steel guides.

The G26 has a Safe Action trigger system with 6.3 pounds of factory-set trigger pull. The Safe Action system utilizes a trigger safety that blocks the trigger from moving back until the safety is pulled. There is also a firing pin bar safety, drop safety and loaded chamber indicator.

The trigger guard has a vertical front face that curves forward a tad at the bottom. Within the guard perimeter is plenty of room for a gloved finger. Behind it is a deep undercut for superior ergonomics.

The pistol grip is straight, deliberately lacking any finger grooves for Gen 5, but has a pair of them for Gen 4. In either case, its horizontal studded serrations and a pronounced palm swell in back. The sides are textured on Gen 4 and pyramid studded on Gen 5.

The Gen 5 gun also has the Glock Marksman Barrel, which means superior interior grooving. The Gen 5 also has a durable anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant nDLC (diamond-like carbon) finish and a flared magazine well.

The Glock G26 is made by both Glock in Austria and by Glock USA in Smyrna, Georgia.

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