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The 10+1 Heckler & Koch HK45 is a .45 ACP armed with powerful looks that match its powerful capabilities. While Heckler & Koch is a German firm and makes its guns in Germany, the gun was originally developed to meet the US military’s Joint Combat Pistol and Combat Pistol programs. Though the program was ultimately abandoned, the military ties remain clear since its US headquarters isn’t far from Fort Benning, Georgia.

The gun is all matte black. It has variants that are double-action/single-action (DA/SA) and double-action only (DAO). Single-action pull force is 4.5 pounds; double-action requires 11.5 pounds.

HK45 features low-profile three white-dot dovetail sights. The rear sight has glare-cutting horizontal serrations in back, is drift adjustable and has a square notch cut. But, of course, they can easily be upgraded to something else.

The gun has been designed for right and left-hand users. Both the magazine release flaps that flank the bottom of the trigger guard and the slide release are ambidextrous.

The HK45 has also been designed for safety. Thus, most variants have an external safety lever (thumb safety) at back. A subtle, but much appreciated, nice touch are the white markings: “S” (for “safe”), “F” (for “fire”) and white line that shows the current setting. Several have a decocking lever. All have a drop safety, hammer intercept notch, lockout device, loaded chamber indicator, disconnector and firing pin block!

HK45’s dimensions include a 4.46” long barrel in a gun that’s 8.03” long overall. The long slide affords a correspondingly impressive 6.63” sight radius between the sights.

Rounding out some key metrics: height is 5.91”, maximum width is 1.54”, and weight is 31.2 ounces with the metal magazine that drops free of the mag well when released.

The machined slide is a thing of beauty and wonderful function. Its maximum width is 1.12”, it’s made of high-carbon steel, and it has an HE (hostile environment) ruggedized finish. In front, the slide’s upper half is cut back instead of squared off. There are diagonal slide serrations in both front and back, but the ones in front are shorter than the ones in back.

The cold hammer forged barrel is an O-ring type for perfect barrel to slide locking. Inside is polygonal rifling with a 1 to 16” twist ratio.

The gun has a four-slot MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail integrated into the frame just below the recoil spring housing. The grip has modular backstraps for various customer preferences.

The muzzle has a negative slope that gives it a dog-nose silhouette that’s matched by the negative slope of the trigger guard’s forward edge. This, in turn, is matched by the frame’s grip angle, which is the same as on an M1911.

The grip itself has three subtle finger recesses in front and corresponding downward accent curves on the grip panels. The grip has nice texturing on most surfaces. And then it has two more finger recesses at the grip base just above the magazine floor plate.

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