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The German Mauser Gewehr 98 5+1 7.92mm bolt-action rifle has been sold, copied or imitated all over the world. Its DWM brand is short for Deutschen Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (German Weapon and Munitions Factory).

The company established in 1896, making munitions in Karlsruhe and arms in Berlin. The Mauser Gewehr 98, launched barely two years later, was an immediate homerun. Over 9,000,000 were built when production ceased in 1935. But that’s just the start.

Among other laurels, it’s the basis of other greats such as the Springfield M1903. Springfield made a near copy with some tweaks and then even developed its .30-06 from the Mauser’s 7.92mm ammo.

While production of the original G98 ended in 1935, starting 2019 or thereabouts, the firm resumed production with three models. These reincarnations are extremely faithful to the originals. The trio counts the entry-level (so to speak) Model 98 EXPERT, Model 98 DIPLOMAT uses luxurious Grade 7 wood and the larger caliber Model 98 MAGNUM.

Mauser claims its guns are the best combination of the original drawings and modern manufacturing and hand-fitted craftsmanship. Mauser mills the receiver from a single block of forged steel. No surprise, Mauser cold hammer forges its barrels making them markedly accurate, dependable and tough. All these G98s use M98 style open sights. The receivers are double cross-bolted into the stock for resilience and stability.

Model 98 EXPERT is available in 5+1 capacity 7x57, 8x57IS, 9,3x62, .308 Win. and .30-06. The barrel is 22.0” long while overall length is 43.5”. Weight is 8.0 pounds. Each variant is good looking, of course. These G98s use upscale matte stained and oiled Grade 5 Walnut.

Second are the larger caliber Model 98 MAGNUM 5+1 .375 H&H Magnum or 4+1 capacity .416 Rigby and 4+1 .450 Rigby options. Barrel length is a bit longer than the EXPERT’s, which expands overall length and increases weight. Thus the 24.4” barrel pushes overall length to 46.5” and weight to a hefty 10.1 pounds! These use the same quality walnut stock and finish as EXPERT variants.

Third, the Model 98 DIPLOMAT has the same caliber choices and dimensions as the EXPERT. The difference? As if the EXPERT and MAGNUM’s Grade 5 walnut wasn’t beautiful enough, the DIPLOMAT lives up to its name by surpassing it with stunning, lustrous Grade 7 Walnut that looks exotic, as if some fine furniture maker picked it out, which probably isn’t far from the truth.

G98 steel surfaces are plasma-nitrided for durability. They have beautiful wood, functional but eye-catching features such as its matching barrel bands and barrel rings, front and rear sling swivel studs and iron sights. Behind the bolt-actions, you’ll see a three-position horizontal safety.

The new G98s are just as fabulous, or even more so, for they combine that Old World craftsmanship of the classic gun with absolutely modern manufacturing techniques. So if you want a new piece of history, this legendary bolt-action rifle might check all your boxes.

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