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Welcome to GunBroker.com! If you've made it to this page you might be looking for more information on the pocket knives for sale that you'll find in our sellers' listings. We've put together a brief background on pocket knives (which are older than you may have guessed) for you to read before you start shopping for your own preferred model of pocket knife. Learn more about this nifty tool before you head to our auction pages, where you'll find hundreds if not thousands of different pocket knives for sale. Remember, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for our auctions update daily – the item you want is bound to come up sooner or later!

Pocket Knife History

Pocket knives are generally designed to fold in such a way as to cover the blade, allowing the knife to sit in a pocket or on a belt without a sheath or causing harm to fabric or skin. The earliest known examples of pocket knives date to the Iron Age. While some bone handles survive, most examples had wooden handles which have since rotted away – but archaeologists can tell when an iron blade was designed to hinge in some way. The design of the blades left behind show how they were once attached to the folding handles.

Pocket knives were not meant for defense so much as for handling small tasks in daily life, cutting twine, paper or eating. Today pocket knives can have more than one blade in addition to other gadgets like corkscrews, screwdrivers, nail files and much more. These are generally referred to as multi-tool pocket knives, something Victorinox and Wegner are particularly known for. Modern pocket knives today have a slight nostalgia to them, perhaps reminding users of when kids roamed more freely and need a trusty pocket knife (maybe a Boy Scout pocket knife) to go fishing, build forts and get chores done.

Of course pocket knives serve a wide range of purposes today and can be made from a variety of materials such as steel, carbon, ceramic and more. From decorative to utilitarian, pocket knives are still the perfect tool for keeping in a pocket, glove compartment, purse or kit (just be careful when you fly – you don't want it confiscated!). You never know when pocket knives will come in handy, whether it's on camping, hunting or road trips or just parties where no one brought a bottle opener or corkscrew!

Pocket Knives for Sale Today

Find every conceivable style of pocket knife and multi-tool here at GunBroker.com. Whether you're looking for a more classic pocket knife design or something ultra-modern and sturdy, our auction listings are bound to have the pocket knives you want. Remember to check out other knives and swords, knife accessories, hunting gear and anything else you might need while you're here. GunBroker.com has a huge array of blades and guns for sale – explore today!


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