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Reloading supplies are for sale every day at You can buy reloading supplies made by Federal, Hodgdon, Hornady and more through one of the many sellers listing their products here at, the world's largest gun auction site.

Cartridge Cases

The cartridge’s main job is to seal off the breach at the time of firing. The brass case walls must be able to fully expand against the sides of the chamber and create a sealing action that prevents the gasses from escaping the chamber. Cases are available in a variety of styles including rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless, belted, straight, and bottle-neck.

Reloading Press

A major staple in any handloaders collection of reloading supplies is their press. There are three basic types of reloading presses; single stage, turret, and progressive. Choosing which one is press is right for you depends on what type of reloading you plan on doing. Single stages presses are great for a beginner’s collection of reloading supplies because they are the easiest to set up and are great for learning. Single state presses require fewer adjustments and tend to be less expensive than the other options.

Turret presses are great for those looking for produce large amounts of ammunition (up to 200 rounds per hour) but want to avoid the high price tag of a progressive press. Turret presses allow for the use of more than one die and use a rotating turret to push rounds through the reloading process. Turret presses save time because loaders can set up a die for each caliber of round they wish to produce.

A progressive press is perfect for shooters looking to produce large amounts of ammunition in a short time period. They require a bit of maintenance and additional set up when switching between calibers, but can pump out rounds faster, up to 500 rounds per hour, than any other option. Progressive presses often have multiple die stations and powder measures.


Every handloaders reloading kit should include a shellholder for each cartridge loaded. The shellholder is designed for the thickness, diameter, and taper of the rim of the case being loaded.

Powder Scale, Trickler, Funnel and Measure

The powder scale is an essential part of your reloading supplies. The powder scale enables the reloader to accurately measure the right amount of powder for each cartridge. Powder tricklers help get the exact charge weight by allowing the reloader to drop just a kernel of powder at time. The powder funnel are fit to a caliber and is necessary to get the powder from the scale into the case.

Powder measures come in three varieties: dippers, bench mounted and electronic. Dippers are the least expensive option and consist of graduated cylinders measured in cubic centimeters. Bench mounted measures use a hopper to hold the powder and rotor to measure out the powder of each charge. They are easy to adjust and speed up the whole process. Electronic dispensers allow reloaders to get the exact charge they need quickly without a lot of experimentation.

Other Reloading Supplies

Other must-have reloading supplies include calipers for measuring brass casings, a priming tool, chamfer and deburring tool, case trimmers, cleaning materials, a bullet puller for fixing mistakes, and ammo boxes for storing your newly created ammunition. Also, it’s always important that as reloaders test and experiment, they track their data so they can look back and see what worked and what didn’t. sellers update their auction listings frequently, so if you're looking to buy reloading supplies or reloading equipment check back often.


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