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The Ruger Super Blackhawk 6-shot single-action only (SAO) revolvers 44 Rem Mag, 44 Special, 480 Ruger and 454 Casull into classical shapes. There are 18 models in current production in four groups: Standard, Bisley, Hunter and Bisley Hunter.

All feature non-fluted/roll-marked cylinders. These combined with frames that include adjustable rear sights. They’re fully adjustable for elevation and windage. All you need is a simple flat-head screwdriver to adjust.

Ruger also outfits these guns with dual coil springs that do wonders for recoil absorption thus prolonging a gun’s service life and increasing time between trips to the gun shop.

There are plenty of choices that span different finishes, sizes, calibers, barrel lengths, grips and more. And don’t forget: .44 Magnum models are dual chambered; thus, they can also fire .44 Special ammo.

The Super Blackhawk Standard guns feature comfortable hand-filling traditional Western grips. All are 44 Rem Mag. Their barrels range from 3.75”, 4.62”, 5.50”, 7.50” and the imposing 10.50”. Except the 3.75” barrel revolver, these combine wooden grips with stainless or blued metal. The 3.75” has black laminate grips instead. It’s 44 ounces and is 9.63” in overall length. At the other end is the 10.50” barrel guns that are 16.38” overall and weigh 55 ounces!

The Super Blackhawk Bisley revolvers are available in 44 Rem Mag, 480 Ruger or 454 Casull. Their barrels range from 3.75”, 4.62” and 6.50”. The Bisley revolvers have a slightly different grip with a slightly sharper angle, thus shortening overall length by about .5”. The hammer is also lowered a tad compared to non-Bisley models. All have ramped front sights.

Both the Super Blackhawk Hunter and Super Blackhawk Hunter Bisley revolvers are 44 Rem Mag with 7.50” barrels and 52-ounce weights. Both have stainless-steel frames and black laminate grips. The former has a standard Western grip and measures 13.63” overall. The latter has the Bisley grip with its steeper curvature that cuts overall length down to 13.12”. These two “Hunter” models also showcase a solid-steel barrel rib above the barrel. Machined into it are integral scope mounts that mate to the included scope rings. Integrating the scope mounts removes potential scope looseness. In front, they’ve got a red ramp insert.

At the heart of each Super Blackhawk is a cold hammer forged barrel. Cold hammer forging makes for denser, purer, stronger and more durable barrels. It also permits ultra-precise rifling and thus the resulting accuracy.

And then there are the safety aspects. Ruger thoughtfully and smartly provides a transfer bar safety. The gun won’t fire unless the trigger is squeezed, which engages the transfer bar. So drop the gun, and it won’t fire. There is also a loading gate interlock that also provides some safety against accidentally firing the gun.

Ruger Super Blackhawk revolvers are made in Southport, Connecticut, and are thus Made in USA.

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