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If you're looking for more information on silencers you've come to the right place! Here at we believe that informed buyers are happier buyers. So we've put together a brief summary of silencers for you to peruse before heading to our auction pages to find your own silencers/suppressors. If you're selling a silencer you can feel free to use some of what we've written here to fill out your item's description. Remember that if you don't see exactly what you're looking for today, it may very well come up for auction soon. listings update every day and sometimes every hour, so the silencer you're set on is bound to come up sooner rather than later!

Silencer Design & History

Hiram Percy Maxim is often credited with designing the first silencer in 1902. He patented the Maxim Silencer in 1909, advertising in sporting goods publications. Maxim also designed the muffler for internal combustion engines using similar techniques to quiet engine noise. While the silencer remains somewhat a niche tool, the muffler is now ubiquitous to modern life, on nearly every vehicle in the world.

Meant to suppress both the noise and the muzzle flash of firearms, silencers were used by the US Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Although the term "silencer" is used synonymously with "suppressor" it is a misnomer as no firearm can be truly silenced. The term silencer is probably a holdover from Maxim's original patent as well as the effect of movies and other media whose characters have solidified the use of "silencer" in pop culture.

While silencers can have obvious benefits in stealth situations, they are also beneficial to hunters, who may suffer permanent hearing damage when high-powered guns are fired at close range without warning. Silencers also decrease the amount of gases emitted by firing a gun, lowering the levels of lead that may be inhaled by shooters or their companions. All in all the silencer remains a very useful shooting accessory even today, more than a century after Maxim's patent was filed.

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You can find a huge array of silencers for sale here on No matter what make or model you're looking for you're sure to find a silencer that will suit your shooting needs. You can search for silencers by brand, caliber and more, so don't hesitate to dig deep for the exact model you want. While you're here be sure to stock up on any ammo you might need as well as gun accessories like pistol grips, rifle magazines, pistol clips, gun cases and safes. If you're a hunter searching for silencers don't forget to also check out our selection of hunting gear – from blinds to tree stands and clothing you'll find everything you need here at


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