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According to military and law enforcement terminology, a sniper rifle is a precision-rifle used to accurately engage targets from long distances. Sniper rifles tend to be fitted with a telescopic sight and chambered for a military centerfire cartridge. As technology advances, armies have been able to equip telescopic sights to standard infantry semi auto, automatic, and bolt-action rifles, allowing the shooter's accuracy to improve at greater distances and the rifle to become a “sniper rifle".

History of the Sniper Rifle

During the American Civil War the British Whitworth rifle was used by Confederate soldiers, with a telescopic sight attached to the barrel, to pick off Union soldiers 2000 feet away effectively making it the world's first sniper rifle.

As breech loading was perfected throughout the 1870s, the sniper rifle was able to increase its effective range to up a mile away from its target. However, it wasn't until World War I that sniper rifles were used regularly in battle and soldiers received special sniper rifle training. German soldiers were outfitted with rifles with a telescopic sight that illuminated in the dark. German gunsmiths also understood for the greatest accuracy, the scope needed to be mounted above the barrel.

These snipers, or marksmen as they were called, became a critical force on the battlefield because enemy soldiers became terrified of becoming a spontaneous target. Soldiers remained hidden in foxholes and trenches and even disobeyed commanding orders making the sniper rifle one of the most effective, and ruthless weapon in World War I and II.

Classes of Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles can be divided into two basic classes: military and law enforcement.

Military Sniper Rifles

Military sniper rifles are designed for high durability, range, reliability, sturdiness, serviceability, and reparability under adverse environmental and combat conditions. Military sniper rifles need to be carried along with other gear so they are minimal in weight as well. These characteristics force the military sniper rifle to sacrifice a slight bit of accuracy.

Law Enforcement Sniper Rifles

Law enforcement sniper rifles are required to have the greatest possible accuracy, more than military rifles, but do not require as much range. Law enforcement sniper rifles do not need to be as portable or durable as the military version because they are not typically used in combat situations.

Parts & Accessories

The features of individual sniper rifles vary depending on the specific tasks it's intended to perform. Telescopic sights allow marksmen to accurately access targets from long distance with between 4X and 40X magnification. The action of sniper rifles can be between bolt-action and semi-automatic (recoil or gas operation). The current standard for sniper rifle ammunition is a 7.62x51mm round, but Magnum and .50 CAL anti-material rounds are also used. Accessories commonly used with sniper rifles include a sling, and bipods, monopods, and shooting sticks are used to improve weapon stability.

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