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If you thought you’d seen everything in guns, then let us introduce you to the Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck. New for 2019, it’s a most unusual double-action, double-barrel .22 WIN MAG conceal-carry subcompact. It stands out plenty with its two finger trigger and eight round revolver. This gun has, in one word, audacity. It also has abundant first trigger firepower, its reason for being.

Standard Manufacturing might seem like an obscure name, but it’s actually a subsidiary of Connecticut Manufacturing, which has extensive experience manufacturing guns for other companies such as Remington.

This gun gets its 333 name from the ability to fire three trigger pulls accurately up to three yards away within three seconds. Does the Thunderstruck moniker issue from the hitting power or the extraordinary design? Perhaps both.

The gun is a symphony of curves with few, if any, lines that are straight in three dimensions. Beautiful? Perhaps. It’s certainly a unique conversational piece that’s simultaneously futuristic and retro.

The S333 revolver is practically all black. Thus the trigger, cylinder, anodized finished aluminum frame and thick polymer grip are black. Only the twin muzzles and dot sights stand out as being anything else.

Let’s move to some specifics. First, Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck has twin 1.25”steel barrels that are virtually flat with the snub nose. The trigger requires two fingers to pull, and even then, it requires pulling hard.

The trigger’s feel is not precise, but it’s not really designed to be since the goal is to use the gun quickly and purposefully at point-blank range. But when you do pull, each break will simultaneously fire two bullets. There is little question the S333 can fire eight or even six rounds faster than a traditional revolver. But Standard also posits that it’s as fast if not faster than a semi-automatic pistol and, as a revolver, it’s impervious to jamming.

The gun has no safety and it’s not very accurate beyond close range. But reasoned designers, it takes so much effort to pull the trigger that this effort will prevent accidental discharges. Standard calls this an Integral Articulated Trigger Safety. There is also an available S333 Trigger Guard Holster that may be of interest to owners.

The front and rear sights are simple three dot sights. They can’t be adjusted nor can they be replaced. There is no accessory rail either top the revolver or below the muzzle. So however the gun is comes from the factory is what the owner must use. But practice should mitigate any initial inaccuracy.

The trigger frame design is original in that it’s open. It’s just a vertical solid V trigger guard in front of the trigger with no framing between it and the grip.

The cylinder spins easily. Owners can preload rounds in an accessory S333 eight-round speed loader to facilitate and expedite reloads. The S333 weighs a parsimonious 18 ounces, meaning just over a pound. The Standard S333 is Made in USA.

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