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Taser Guns – How Do They Work?

Taser guns use nitrogen cartridges to fire two small, dart-like electrodes connected to the main unit by conductive wires. The electrodes are sharp enough to penetrate clothing and are barbed to prevent removal. With a greater deployment distance than batons or pepper spray, Taser guns have a safety benefit for the shooter. also has body armor listings for additional protection.

Taser Gun History

Jack Cover, a NASA researcher, began developing the Taser in 1969. He named his device after his childhood hero Tom Swift, a famous character in science-fiction adventure novels in the early part of the 20th century. It was originally named TSER for Tom Swift Electric Rifle. The ATF classified in 1976 the original Taser as a firearm because it used gunpowder as a propellant. According to a 2011 report by 60 Minutes, more than 16,000 law enforcement professionals in America use Taser guns. When it comes to civilian use, people can legally carry Tasers without a permit in 45 states. There are restrictions in Illinois, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Taser Gun Technological Advances

In 1994, Rick and Thomas Smith worked with Cover to develop the Air Taser Model 34000 which had an anti-felon identification system, which when used ejected many small pieces of paper containing the serial number of the Taser. In 1999, Taser International developed a handgun-shaped device that used a patented “neuromuscular incapacitation technology.” In 2003, the Taser X26 was released. It used “shaped pulse technology.” And in 2009 Taser international revealed the X3 which held three cartridges instead of just one. In 2015, North Dakota police were given the go-ahead to begin using drone aircrafts equipped with Tasers and tear gas.

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