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Open your store 24/7 and reach knowledgeable buyers all over the country! Turn used guns into cash in a matter of days to help with cash flow.  We have over 5 million registered users. Many sellers report that they sell more merchandise at better profit margins here than anywhere else, including gun shows, classified ads, and other online auctions. Each month millions of dollars worth of items are sold through GunBroker.com. We bring the buyers to you.

Selling online is easier than you think. In a nutshell, you create listings for your items by filling in fields in our online List an Item form. Bidders place bids on your merchandise. When a bidder wins an item, we notify both you and the bidder by email. You then contact the bidder by email and make arrangements for payment and delivery. Typically, the buyer mails you payment and a signed copy of his (or his transfer dealer’s) FFL. You then ship the item to the address on the FFL. If the item is not a firearm, the buyer prepays but does not send an FFL; you can ship non-firearm items directly to the buyer. We cover selling and shipping more thoroughly in our Seller section of FAQs.

Our FFL Holder Network

We can bring new customers to you! As an FFL holder, you may be listed in our FFL Holder Network.  By joining this list, you are indicating that you are willing to handle firearms transfers for buyers in your state. Joining our FFL Holder Network gives you free customers! Buyers will contact you and inquire as to whether you are willing to handle a transfer for them. You may charge a fee to handle the transfer. Once you have the buyer in your shop, you can upsell ammunition, accessories, range time, shooting instruction, and other firearms. You get a qualified firearms buyer in your area, and you make money in the process! We do not charge a fee to be added to our FFL Holder Network. Click Here to fill out our online signup form.


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Customer Service

We offer a customer service group dedicated to helping you use GunBroker.com to your fullest advantage. We go the extra mile to help you in any way possible.  If you are interested in any of our services and need more information, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. We will gladly get you enrolled in any of our programs.

The Dealer Store

We want our sellers to make top dollar sales and move more inventory.  In pursuit of this common goal, we are offering tools to help you work with GunBroker.com. Visit the Dealer Store for current offerings.