Fees for Using GunBroker.com


We charge no recurring membership fees. Bidders/buyers are charged only a small Compliance Fee upon purchase of an item. Persons whose registration information is flagged as suspicious by our fraud prevention systems may be charged a $2.00 fee to go through a detailed security check.


We charge no ‘insertion’ fees for basic listings. Basic listings include no reserve auctions and fixed price listings. A Final Value Fee is assessed only if your item ends with a winning bidder or is purchased using the BuyNow! function. Optional Services can be used to enhance any listing and must be paid for whether or not the item is sold. If you choose to use any of our Optional Services and the item does not sell, it can be automatically relisted free of charge using the same options.

To create a safe buying / selling environment, sellers must verify their identity with us. Sellers will be charged a verification fee of $2.00 to go through a detailed security check. This process is required in order to be able to sell. We reserve the right to deny access to site features if we are unable to verify your identity.

For any item that is won by a bidder or purchased using “BuyNow!”, we assess a final value fee based on the selling price of the item. A sold item is one that is bid on and won by a bidder in accordance with our User Agreement. If an item does not sell, no Final Value Fee is assessed. In other words, if you create a basic listing (one that uses no Optional Services) and the item does not sell, you owe us nothing. View a full description of the Final Value Fee here.

What’s Free – We do not charge any ‘insertion’ fees for creating a basic listing. Basic listings are completely free unless the item is won by a bidder. (Sold items are assessed a Final Value Fee). Thumbnails on search results and multiple pictures within the item listing page are free. Sellers can take advantage of our automated picture upload facility to add multiple pictures to their listings; in fact, we strongly recommend doing so.

What’s Not Free – Sellers are assessed a Final Value Fee when the item sells. When listing an item, the seller decides on an item-by-item basis which of our Optional Services (if any) to use. Optional Services include things such as highlighting, bold titles, colored titles, view counters, subtitles, showcase, featured and scheduled listings. Auction only optional services include reserve prices and special listing durations. All Optional Services are charged at the time of listing and are non refundable.


Listing Expiration

Basic Auction Listings in the system can run for up to 90 days if unsold. At that point the listing will expire. The listing expiration date is different from the end date of a listing. The end date of a listing is set based on the listing duration. Items can relist multiple times based on the listing duration before the listing expires. Once a listing expires it will no longer automatically relist. If the item is manually listed again after it expires and the listing uses Optional Services, the fee for those services will be charged again.

All listing types expire. Some listings using selected optional services have different expiration periods than basic listings. Fixed Price Listings expire when they end or sell out. Please see the Fee Schedule for listing expiration periods.

An unsold listing will expire in up to 90 days regardless of how many times it has been relisted / extended, either automatically or manually. Once a listing has expired it will need to be manually listed again. This new listing will have a new expiration date and will be charged for any Optional Services.

Items that sell and are set to relist even if sold will relist with a new expiration date based on the start of the new listing. If Optional Services or Listing Fees are required for the listing those will be charged to the newly listed item. This new item will then run until it expires or sells. The same is true for manual relists of sold or expired items.

Items can be set to relist / extend automatically. This will occur based on the relist / extend option and listing duration selected. However, an item will not relist or extend after the expiration date. Optional services including a special duration or reserve price are limited to a maximum expiration of 4 times the listing duration. The relist / extend selection can be made when the item is initially listed.

Items that are not set to relist / extend automatically can be manually relisted until they expire. Relisting an unsold item before it expires is free.

Optional Services

Our Optional Services consist of attention-getting features that help to get more bidders and buyers to look at your item. When a Seller elects to use Optional Services, the seller incurs a small fee at the time of listing as noted in the Fee Schedule below. Optional Service fees are non-refundable once used and must be paid for whether or not the item sells. If you choose to use any of our Optional Services and the item does not sell, the item can be relisted free of charge using the same options until the listing expires.

Boldface Title
Consider using boldface text to make your item’s title stand out from the others in the category listings.

Colored Title
Upgrade your listing by using color to draw a buyer’s attention to your title – you can choose to use red, green, or blue. A colored title is especially effective when combined with the Boldface Title option.

Featured Listings
Featured listings are given additional exposure in search results and will typically be seen by more bidders, which can draw more bids and command a higher purchase price.

Make your listing stand out from others in the category listings. This option highlights your listing in yellow to make it stand out from the other listings.

Reserve Price
A Reserve Price is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. The Reserve Price is kept secret from the bidders. The item will not sell until a bid meets or exceeds the reserve price.

Scheduled Listing
A Scheduled Listing is one where you select the start date and time for the item listing instead of launching it immediately. Sellers can use this to enter items before they want them to be displayed so that they have the flexibility to create, enter information and launch the items when it is convenient for them.

Showcase Listings
Showcase Listings are the most powerful marketing tool our sellers can use. Showcase items are randomly displayed on our Home Page. Our Home Page is the most-visited page on GunBroker.com. Consequently, Showcase items will be seen by the largest audience of any of our Optional Services.

Special Duration / Short Term Auctions
Special Duration listings include 1-day and 3-day short term auctions.

On-site / Off-site Sponsored Listings
An On-site Sponsored Listing is a listing that appears along the right-hand side of relevant search results pages. These listings are randomly generated on GunBroker.com.

An Off-site Sponsored Listing appears on other relevant GunBroker.com partner websites driving traffic back to your listing.

You can learn more about Sponsored Listings here.

A Subtitle is additional text that is displayed below the Item Title on the search results pages. It is space that can be used to provide buyers with more information regarding your item, and it also improves your item’s visibility and increases its searchability.

View Counter
A view counter keeps track of the number of times an item has been viewed since being listed. Sellers can use counters as a way to gauge the interest bidders have shown in an item. They can also experiment with different item titles and upgrade features to measure the effectiveness of each variation.


Final Value Fee

A Final Value Fee is assessed if your item is sold. The Final Value Fee is assessed when the listing closes and is based on the price that the item is sold for. If the item is not sold there is no Final Value Fee. You can use our Final Value Fee Calculator to find out the final value fee associated with the selling price of an item.

Here is how you calculate your Final Value Fee:

  1. Take the first $250 of your final value and multiply it by 6%. If your item sold for $250 or less this is your Final Value Fee.
  2. If your final value was more than $250, take the additional amount over $250 and multiply it by 3.5%.
  3. Add up these amounts and that is your Final Value Fee.

For example, a $1500 item would cost:

  1. $250 times 6% = $15.00
  2. $1250 times 3.5% = $43.75
  3. Total = $58.75

A $500 item would cost:

  1. $250 times 6% = $15.00
  2. $250 times 3.5% = $8.75
  3. Total = $23.75


Fee Summary: Standard

Basic Listings
Insertion Fee NONE!
Thumbnail Image FREE!
Expiration Period – Auction 90 days
Expiration Period – Fixed Price Sell Out or End Date
Optional Services
Boldface Title $1.00
Colored Title $1.00
Featured Listing $2.95
Highlight $2.00
Scheduled Listing $0.10
Showcase Listing $4.95
On-site Sponsored Listing $4.00
Off-site Sponsored Listing $7.00
Subtitle $3.50
View Counter $0.50
Optional Services for Auctions only
Reserve Price
Minimum Fee
Maximum fee
Expiration Period
Maximum Expiration
2% of Reserve Price
4 times the duration
56 days
Special Duration:
Insertion Fee
Expiration Period
Maximum Expiration
1 Day Short Term Auction
4 times the duration
4 days
Special Duration:
Insertion Fee
Expiration Period
Maximum Expiration
3 Day Short Term Auction
4 times the duration
12 days
Final Value Final Value Fee*
$0 – $250 6.0% of the final value
Over $250 6.0% of the first $250 ($15.00), plus 3.5% of the remaining value
* If your item is sold, you will be assessed a Final Value Fee as shown above.

Sellers may be eligible for discounted fees. Information on discounted fees is available here.


Each seller must place a payment method (bank account or credit card) on file with us to be able to list items for sale. To place a bank account or credit card on file, go to My GunBroker > My Account > Billing Info and select the add bank account or add credit card link.

Any fees you incur will be accumulated throughout a calendar month. Around the 2nd of the month, the seller will receive a statement showing fees for the prior month. The balance due on the statement will be billed to the payment method on file. For example, if you sell an item in January, your statement will be available on or after the 2nd of February; payment will be due the 20th of February.

If your payment method fails to authorize, you will not be able to list additional items until you update your payment method on file. If your payment method fails to authorize, your account must be paid promptly; past due users will be suspended from using the site until the balance has been paid in full.

Secondary Payment Method: You may specify a secondary payment method for us to use to help keep your account current. If for some reason the Primary Payment Method fails to process successfully, we will attempt to charge your Secondary Payment Method. After placing an additional payment method on file, you would then specify Primary and Secondary Payment methods in the Automatic Payment Methods section of My GunBroker > Account > Billing Info.

Manual Payment: If you wish to make a payment using a different payment method than the one on file, you can go to the My GunBroker > Account > Billing Info section of our web site and click Make a Payment. The payment must be received before the 20th of the month, or your payment method on file will be charged for your balance due.

Payments via Check or Money Order: The mailing address is located on the payment stub on your statement. Please be sure to write your account number on your check. Your payment must be received by the 20th of the month or your payment method on file will be charged for your Balance Due.

See this FAQ for help reading your billing statement.


Optional Service fees are non-refundable once used and must be paid for whether or not the item sells. You can select to automatically relist items that do not sell. These additional listings will have the same Optional Services at no additional charge until the listing expires. You must relist the item that did not sell by going to My GunBroker > Selling >Sold section, finding the item in question and choosing “Relist” or “Relist with Edit” from the drop down menu. Note: If you relist an item that was sold, the relisting will incur the same fees as the original listing.

If a bidder wins or purchases an item but does not complete the transaction, you can request a credit for the Final Value Fee plus the cost to relist the item with the same level of optional services. Credit requests must be made within 40 days of the close of an item listing. Our Request a Credit for Listing Fees FAQ explains the process of requesting a credit.