Selling on How to Sell a Gun

What do I need to do first?

You need to be a registered user before you can begin buying or selling with We will email you a registration code that must be used to activate your account.

Do you want more detailed information before you dive in? If so, head over to Basic Training on the right, and choose a way to learn.

How do I list an item on

Click on the Sell Your Item link located next to the logo at the top left of the page. Listing your item is a simple 3 step process:

1.   Describe Your Item.

Fill in the form including:

  • Category
  • Item Description
  • Payment and Shipping Information
  • Pricing (Quantity, Starting Bid, Reserve Price, Buy Now!)

At this screen, you can also select optional services to attract more attention to your listings.

2.   Upload Picture(s).

By far the most powerful thing you can do to make your listing appealing is to add a photo. buyers love to see the items they are bidding on. Items with pictures tend to receive more bids and sell for a higher price than items without a picture.


3.   Preview Your Item Listing.

Review your item details to make sure everything is correct. When you are satisfied with your listing, click “Submit New Listing”.



What is

↑ Back to List is an auction site where sellers can list items for sale, such as gun collectibles, sport firearms, hunting gear, knives & swords, air guns, archery and gun accessories, and potential buyers can browse the listings and bid on the items. Expect to find a limitless number of top name brands from Glock pistols and Remington rifles to Benelli shotguns and Colt firearms. If you bid on the item and win it, you and the seller contact each other directly and make arrangements for payment and delivery. manages the sale process, provides a convenient form of communication between buyer and seller, and offers rich, varied, and up-to-date information on the item being sold (often including a picture).An important note: Aside from hats, shirts, and other promotional merchandise bearing our logo, does not sell any of the items listed on this auction site.

Can I sell here?

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You must register with us to bid on or sell items. Registration is safe, secure and private. We do not share your information to third parties unless you have given us your consent. Please read our Privacy Policy for full details.

Anyone who is legally allowed to own firearms, ammunition, knives, and gun accessories is allowed to buy or sell it here. It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all Federal, state, and local laws when using this site. See also: Shipping Guide, Gun Laws, ATF List of State Laws.

How does the auction work?

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Our system is very simple! You list your item and bidders browse the listings, and place bids on it. If a user wins your item by meeting or exceeding your price criteria, you must sell the item to the buyer. There is only one exception to the ‘must sell’ rule: a sale is cancelled if selling the item to the buyer would violate some law. As the seller, you specify the conditions of the sale including the length of time the auction will run, the payment methods you accept (money order, credit cards, check, COD, etc), the method of shipping and cost for shipping, return policy (if any), and any other pertinent terms. Typically the buyer will prepay for the item by money order (depending on your payment terms). When payment has been received, you ship the item to the buyer’s FFL holder. See also: Shipping Guide, Verifying an FFL.

What does it cost?

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Basic listings on are free of charge until the item sells. When the item sells we charge a final value fee that is based on the selling price of the item. You can enhance the basic listing with optional services designed to offer premium placement and draw more attention to the listing. We charge no ‘insertion’ fees to create a listing and have no recurring ‘membership’ fees. For full details on our fees, see our Fees page.

Final Value Fee:

There is no cost for a basic listing. If your item is sold you will be assessed a Final Value Fee as shown below:

Final Value Final Value Fee
$0 – $250 6.0% of the final value
Over $250 6.0% of the first $250 ($15.00),
plus 3.5% of the remaining value

For Example:

To sell an item costing this: The Final Value Fee would be:
$25.00 $1.50
$100.00 $6.00
$500.00 $23.75
$1,000.00 $41.25
$1,500.00 $58.75
$2,500.00 $93.75
$5,000.00 $181.25
$10,000.00 $356.25
$20,000.00 $706.25

Picking the Correct Category

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Our auction contains a variety of categories. Expect to find everything from ammunition and air guns to firearm collectibles and military weapons.

Select the most appropriate category for your item from our expanded lists. If you need help choosing the right category, visit our Category Description page that explains what types of items are appropriate for that category.

If your item is posted in the wrong category, we will move or remove the listing. We do not allow posting the same item in multiple categories to get more attention. For example, if you have a Glock pistol, post it in the ‘Firearms’ category and do not create entries in Accessories, Collectibles, etc.

Pick a category

Starting Bids and Reserve Prices

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When you post a listing in our gun auction, you can set a Starting Bid and/or a Reserve Price.

  • A Starting Bid is the least amount a bidder is allowed to bid in an auction. As the name implies, it is where bidding starts. No bidder can place a bid lower than the Starting Bid. If an auction has a Starting Bid and no Reserve Price, the highest bidder on the item will win the item at auction close. Every auction has a Starting Bid, even if the Starting Bid is $.01.
  • A Reserve Price is the lowest acceptable price to the seller. The Reserve Price is kept secret from the bidders. A bidder can place a bid that is lower than the Reserve Price, but the item will not be sold unless bidding meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.
  • Reserve Price auctions are very unpopular with bidders. We receive complaints about them daily. We suggest that you set your Starting Bid to the least amount you will take for the item and let the bidding start. If you have priced your item fairly, you are likely to receive a higher price than your Starting Bid.
  • If you set a Reserve Price, we strongly suggest that you set a Starting Bid equal to at least 1/2 of the Reserve Price or you will very likely get complaints from bidders. See also: Pricing, Reserve Price, Starting Bid.

Listing Details

Example of how a reserve price displays in the View Item listing:

View Item with reserve price

BuyNow! Price

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You can specify a BuyNow! price on your auction.

  • The BuyNow! price is publicly displayed in the item listing. If you specify a BuyNow! price, any bidder can elect to give you that price and immediately end the auction.
  • Entering a BuyNow! price allows the bidder to decide to buy the item immediately instead of bidding and waiting for the auction to end.
  • One potential down side of BuyNow! pricing is that you will never get a higher price for the item than the BuyNow! price, since bidders will elect to exercise the BuyNow! price instead of bidding above it. See also: BuyNow! Price.

Example of how a BuyNow! price displays in the View Item listing:

View Item with Buy Now Price

Fixed Price

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An item with a fixed price only sells at the set price and there is no bidding. The purchase is immediate. Fixed price items allow the seller to
list multiple of the same item for sale at one time, in one listing. Buyers can buy one or many up to the quantity available for sale.When a buyer purchases the item it is sold immediately. If the buyer purchases less than the total quantity available, the listing will relist with
the remaining quantity available for others to buy.When buying an item at a fixed price, the buyer has the convenience of buying the item immediately at a known price and they can purchase more than
one item at the same time. When purchasing a fixed price item the buyer selects a quantity between 1 and the total quantity available. They will
purchase that quantity at the selling price per item.Example: A seller has 10 Taurus PT92 Magazines and would like to receive $25.00 per item. The seller would list the item as a Taurus PT92 Magazine with
the complete description of it, the quantity will be 10 and the price will be $25.00 each. When the buyer goes to purchase the item they can purchase
between 1 and 10 magazines at $25.00 each. If the buyer purchases 4 of them the buyer will owe the seller $100.00 for the items. The seller will owe the final value fee on the $100.00 transaction. After this purchase the listing will relist with the remaining 6 items for sale at $25.00
each. See also: What is a Fixed Price Item?.

Fixed Price Listing Screenshot

Example of how a fixed price displays in the View Item listing.

View Item with a Fixed Price

Optional Services to Draw Attention to Your Listing

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Basic listings on are free.  You can enhance the basic listing with upgraded services designed to offer premium placement and draw more attention to the listing.  You can combine these features in any way you choose for maximum impact.  Please note that optional services are charged only once, regardless of how many times the item is automatically relisted without selling.

See also: Fees for Optional Services.

Showcase Listings:

Showcase listings appear on our homepage and ensure that your item gets maximum exposure

Showcase Listings

Featured listings:

Featured listings are given additional exposure in search results, and will typically be seen by more bidders and will often draw more bids and command a higher purchase price.

Featured Listing


Displays on search results and provides more searchable text, increasing the chances your item will be found.



Adds a yellow background color when displayed in search results.



Makes the item title display in boldface when displayed in search results.


Colored Title:

Makes the item title appear in color in search results. Choose from Red, Green or Blue.

colored title

View Counter:

Manage your items more precisely by adding a view counter that displays on the View Item page.

View Counter

Monitoring Your Items/Checking on Status

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Our auction site automatically keeps track of all your buying and selling activity. You can access this information using My GunBroker, which can be accessed by clicking on the My GunBroker link located at the top of any page.

Details about all the items you are selling will display in a list in My GunBroker. You can check the status of items you are currently selling . You can also make changes to an auction, manage and add pictures, end an auction early, and relist an item directly from My GunBroker.

My GunBroker is a powerful tool for managing your auctions. See also: All Selling Overview, Using the Show Items I’m Selling View, Using the Show Items I’ve Sold View, Using the Show My Unsold Items View.

click here to access My GunBrokershow items I'm Selling Screen

Editing Your Listing

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If an item has not been bid on, you can edit the item listing. You can change the pricing information, move the item to a different category, or upgrade your listing to use some of our optional services.

There are two ways you can edit your listing:

See also: Change Listing, Change Category, Change Description.

My GunBroker Items I'm Selling

Adding to Your Listing

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You can always add to an item listing, whether the item has been bid on or not. You can add a picture or additional information at any time. Your additions will be clearly time and date stamped. You should not use this to try to substantially alter your listing; doing so will make the listing invalid. For example, if you list an item as a .45 caliber gun and then realize that it is 9mm gun, you should create a new listing.

There are two ways you can add to your description:

  • To add to your item listing, go to the Selling section of My GunBroker, and select Add to Description from the Actions popup list.

See also: Adding to a Listing.

My GunBroker Items I'm Selling

Can I show the same Item for sale in my store?

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Once an item receives a valid bid (which is one that is above the reserve price or any bid on a non-reserve auction), the item will sell to the highest bidder on

If your firearms, ammunition, knives, or gun accessories have not been bid on or if the Reserve Price has not been met, you can use our End an Auction Early function to close your auction listing before its scheduled completion date. does not recommend ending items early.

If the item currently has a valid bid you must consider it to be sold. If your item was listed with a BuyNow! option and it is still available, an in-store customer may use this to win the item immediately.

If you would like to make the item available in your retail store, the item should be taken off the retail shelf once it has received a valid bid. Many successful store owners place their online items in a special display case and require any in store customers to bid on the items. To ensure the fairness of all our auctions, we terminate the accounts of sellers who fail to complete transactions.

Ending an Auction Early

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You can use this to close your auction before its scheduled ending date and time. Ending an auction early is not a good idea since many bidders wait until the last minute to place a bid. A seller can only end an auction early if there is not a bid on the item or the highest bid does not meet the Reserve Price (if applicable).

You can end an auction early in two ways:

  • Go to the Selling section of My GunBroker, and select End Auction Early from the Actions popup list.
My GunBroker Items I'm Selling

I sold an item! Now what?

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If your firearm, ammunition, knife, or gun accessory was sold, we send you an email at the end of the item listing that contains the buyer’s user name and email address along with the winning bid amount. If you think you have sold an item and did not get your notification, there may have been an issue with your email address or internet provider. Always check the ‘Items I’ve Sold’ section of your My GunBroker page to see if you have sold an item. Items that did not sell will appear in the My Unsold Items section. If you have sold an item and did not get your notification, please request help by navigating to our Help Center.

From the time the item listing closes, you have a maximum of five (5) days to contact the buyer at the email address located in the notification email. The buyer must contact you within the same five days. If you do not receive a response from the buyer see the information on: What if I have problems with a buyer? You should send the buyer clear instructions on making payment. Always include your name, address, phone number, the item number of the listing, the name of our site (, and your email address. Clearly state what forms of payment (check, money order, etc) are acceptable. If the item is a firearm, remind the buyer that he must send you a copy of his transfer dealer’s FFL license, signed in blue or red ink. If you require proof of age for non-firearm items, request that information.

Once payment has been made, you can ship the item. Please refer to our Firearm Shipping Guide for instructions on ways to ship firearms, ammunition, and other special items.

Details about all of the items you have sold will display in My GunBroker. Using My GunBroker, you will be able to manage your post-sale activities, such as noting payment from your buyers and leaving feedback.

My GunBroker - All Selling View

Submitting Feedback

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At the completion of your transaction, you should post feedback on the buyer. Feedback lets other users know how the buyer handled the transaction with you. When posting feedback, please be honest and unemotional about the transaction. The buyer gets the chance to reply to your feedback, and you can post a follow-up to the response. While reviewing the user’s feedback, you can delete or change the feedback you posted on that user or post a follow-up to the response.

You can leave feedback in two ways:

  • Use the Feedback View located in the My Account secion in My GunBroker to leave feedback for your transactions. To leave feedback for multiple items, select the checkboxes to the right of the item name, and select the ‘Bulk Feedback’ button at the bottom of the list
My GunBroker Feedback View

What if I have problems with a buyer?

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If you cannot get in touch with the buyer within the five-day window, you do not receive payment in a timely fashion, or you are having some other problem with the buyer, please use our Resolving Problems with the Buyer tool. We will help you get the issue resolved.

You can access the Resolving Problems with the Buyer wizard in two ways:

  • Go to the Selling section of My GunBroker and select Resolve Buyer Problem from the Actions popup list.
My GunBroker - Items I've Sold view

Relisting items that did not sell

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Items that did not sell can be relisted free of charge at the same level of options. We offer multiple ways for you to relist items that did not sell.

To quickly relist multiple items exactly as they appeared before:

  • Use the Relist an Item function located on the Tools for Sellers page. This function allows you to select one or more items from a list of closed auctions and relist all of them with a single mouse click.

To quickly relist one item exactly as it appeared before:

  • Go to the Selling section of My GunBroker and select Relist Immediately next to the item you wish to relist from the Actions popup list, or
  • Use the Relist an Item function located on the Tools for Sellers page, select the item from a list of closed auctions, and select the ‘Relist Selected Auctions’ button. The auction will be immediately relisted.

To relist an item and change its parameters (for example, to lower your Reserve Price or change its description):

  • Go to the Selling section of My GunBroker and select Relist with Edit next to the item you wish to relist from the Actions popup list, or
  • Use the Relist an Item function located on the Tools for Sellers page, select the item from a list of closed auctions, and select ‘Relist with Edit’ from the Actions List.

Bulk Relist or single relist from Tools for Sellers

Relist an Item View

Relist items from the Sold or Unsold lists in My GunBroker by clicking Select to bring up a menu of action items.

My GunBroker - Items I've Sold view

Checking your account balance

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You can view your account balance, check your month-to-date activity, and print past statements.

Making a payment on your account

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Sellers are required to place a payment method (credit card or bank account) on file before they can list items for sale. Any fees you incur will be accumulated throughout the calendar month with monthly statements delivered via email. Please see the following information on making a payment for important billing dates.

If your credit card or bank account fails to authorize, you will not be able to list additional items until you update your payment information. Your account must be paid promptly; past due users will be suspended from using the site until the balance has been paid in full.

To update your credit card on file:

  • Go to My GunBroker > My Account > Billing Info and click ‘Add’ or ‘Edit’ in the Credit Card information section.
  • Use the ‘Place a Credit Card on File’ link on our Tools for Sellers page.

To add your Bank Information on File:

  • Go to My GunBroker > My Account > Billing Info and click ‘add bank account’ in the Bank Information section.
  • Use the ‘Place a Bank Account on File’ link on our Tools for Sellers page.
My GunBroker - My Account

How do I use Checkout?

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The Checkout system is designed to assist the seller and buyer in completing the transaction. Checkout does not replace the item/auction format, but is a pipeline after the item/auction has ended to capture information required to complete the transaction, such as billing and shipping information.

When a listing has ended the buyer has the option of using the Checkout system to create an order for the listing. Buyers may begin the Checkout process via links on the top of the view item page (once the listing has ended) as well as in the drop-down menu of the ‘Won’ grid in My GunBroker.

The steps of the Checkout process will vary based on the amount of information you provide in the listing and whether or not you have opted to accept payment directly through the Checkout system. For more information on how to accept payments directly through the Checkout system please see the Checkout Payment Overview.

If you do not specify all the costs associated with the listing ahead of time (shipping costs, tax, etc.) the buyer will have a chance to review and confirm the costs once you have added them to the order.

You will be notified via email when an order has been created by a buyer. You can view all orders that have been created in the ‘Sold Orders’ grid in My GunBroker. From there you can do things like mark payment received, mark FFL received, print an invoice, and enter tracking information.

For more information about the Checkout system please read the Checkout Overview.

Where do I sign up to be listed in the site’s FFL Holder Network?

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As an FFL holder, you may be listed in our FFL Holder Network. By joining this list, you are indicating that you are willing to handle firearms transfers for buyers in your state. We do not charge a fee to be listed in our FFL Holder Network. Joining our FFL Holder Network drives customers into your store! Buyers will contact you about handling a transfer for them. You may charge a fee to handle the transfer. Once you have the buyer in your shop, you can upsell ammunition, accessories, range time, shooting instruction, and other firearms. You get a qualified firearms buyer in your area, and you make money in the process!

Click to see our current FFL Holder Network Member List.
If you are ready to sign up, Click Here to fill out our online signup form.

Search our FFL Holder Network