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Why Buy with Learn the benefits of working with the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms and shooting sports.
How to Buy Learn how to bid on and buy items at in our detailed buyer’s tutorial.
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Buyer’s Protection Your safety is important to us! Our Buyer’s Protection covers items bid on and won at auction.

Before you Bid

Find a Transfer Dealer By Federal Law, firearms can only be shipped to an FFL Holder. If you do not have an FFL, you must make arrangements with an FFL Holder in your state to handle the transfer. We maintain a list of FFL Holders who are willing to handle transfers for qualified buyers. Please contact an FFL Holder before placing a bid to make sure you qualify.
View User Feedback Check the feedback rating of yourself, another bidder, or a seller. Pricing Report See average prices by model over the past 12 months, including price distribution. Use this information to better understand fair prices and variability in pricing based on conditions and market demand.

Tracking your Bids

My GunBroker View your bidding and buying activity organized into various logical views, including Items I Bid On and Items I Won . You can use Watch List to track items you are interested in and view any Saved Searches you created.

After the Auction

Request User Information Retrieve the name and address of a user that you have bought from or sold to.
Feedback Submit feedback on one or more sellers simultaneously.
Checkout Streamline the entire after auction process by using the Checkout system. This feature is only available when the seller has enrolled in the Checkout system and the item is eligible for checkout. Before using the checkout system please read the Checkout summary on the How to Buy page to familiarize you with the process.

Manage your Account

Edit Account Information Change your account information, including your user name, email address, and other contact information.
Account Status Review the financial status of your account, including fees assessed and payments made. You can also print a statement here.
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Buyer’s Protection

Buyer’s Protection Your safety is important to us! Our Buyer’s Protection covers items bid on and won at auction.
Fraud Claims If you have bid on and won an item at and either have not received the item or received a vastly inferior item you can fill out a Fraud Report. This page tells you how.


Third-Party Tools

ATF Forms After you purchased your firearm, you can prefill out your background check by filling out this form.
Escrow Service An escrow service acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller to ensure that neither side is dissatisfied or gets ripped off during the transaction. Make your purchases with confidence!