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Ammunition Manufacturers History

Many popular ammunition manufacturers have been in the business for decades or even a century and then some. Others are relative newcomers, but whether ammo manufacturers are innovators or continue to craft classic calibers, there's no doubt that they are integral to the firearms industry. Some big names in ammunition manufacturing are:

Remington Arms:

Remington is the oldest business in the US which still makes its original product. In addition to this it is the only US firearms company that makes both its firearms and ammunition domestically. Remington also holds the record for having developed and implemented more cartridges than any other ammunition manufacturer worldwide.


Winchester is another ammunition manufacturer with a long history of excellence. Used by such characters as Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Rough Rider Theodore Roosevelt, Winchester ammunition was a major contributor to World War I armaments, having already established its reputation as a reliable and trusted ammunition manufacturer in the latter half of the 19th century.

Federal Ammo:

Federal Ammunition began its journey in 1922, selling shotshell, centerfire and rimfire ammo to hunters and sports shooters alike. In 1960 Federal became the first ammunition manufacturer to color code its shotgun sells by gauge. Later, US Olympians used Federal UltraMatch Rimfire ammo to bring home gold and silver medals in the 1992 Olympic Games.

Popular Ammo by Popular Ammunition Manufacturers

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